Sony Xperia XZ Premium: A day to test the smartphone, our impressions!

Techno 25 May, 2017

The Xperia XZ Premium is finally available. And the editorial staff had the privilege of testing Sony’s new smartphone in preview.
OMG, I’m one of the lucky ones who will be previewing the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. This smartphone has already left me speechless in Portugal and I was able to make my first video in Super Slow Motion with the device . Today, I am still impressed. Nothing but the packaging of the latest “jewel” from Sony Mobile gives me as much thrill as a new album of Future. I carefully open the package and I can take the Xperia XZ Premium in chrome. Brilliant like a piano at 20,000 euros, it throws but good, I would have liked it avoids to keep the fingerprints of all my friends …. I will not do my difficult.
It is open. Aesthetically, the Sony Xperia XZ Premium takes a bit of the Xperia XA1 and XA1 Ultra codes. With its new smartphone, Sony has redefined the concept of borderless smartphone . At the same time as the Galaxy S8 and the LG G6 are dreaming with their screens, the Xperia XZ Premium is without edges, only on the sides. A design that can be called “courageous” since Sony is still not trying to imitate others. But on the other hand, the brilliant aspect of the smartphone leaves me a bit dubious. As much as I hiffe the mirror effect, as much I find that it is relou that the shell keeps the traces of my fingers . The Xperia XZ Premium had already been cleaned and had already been cleaned.
If the design can leave perplexing, the grip is really very cool. Pleasant, the Japanese smartphone is equipped with a jack and a USB-C jack to recharge it. But, I did not expect to have trouble inserting my SIM on this device. At a time when most smartphones offer the possibility of opening access to the microSD and SIM card slots with a simple pin, the Xperia XZ Premium has chosen a rather atypical system that seems rather fragile . But the best surprise is undoubtedly the judicious position of the fingerprint reader.
Sony has chosen an original location for its fingerprint reader
Sony has chosen to position the fingerprint reader of the Xperia XZ Premium on its power button. While most manufacturers place these sensors under the screen or on the back of their devices, this original choice of the giant Nippon can only be validated. Once the Xperia XZ Premium has been configured, I tackle the heavy subject: the camera. And there, magic operates! The colors are hallucinating, the sensor adapts to all conditions of brightness, from the sun terrace to the subway dipped in the dark.
Equipped with a 19 megapixel rear sensor and a 13 MP front-end sensor, the Xperia XZ Premium is very good in photos thanks to Motion technology, the Super Slow motion (filming directly in idle mode at 960 Images per second in High Definition) and predictive capture. Personally, I was able to make a small video in Super slow motion, and the result is not bad. But I would have to spend a little more time with this camera which is, on paper, able to shade the Galaxy S8 to gauge its limits in terms of photo.
First smartphone equipped with a 4K HDR display, the Xperia XZ Premium has nothing to envy a Bravia TV. With its 5.5 “screen, the Japanese manufacturer sells us dream, but with what content? With the series of Amazon especially since Sony teamed up with Amazon Prime Video and I will come back later after watching 2 / 3 episodes of a series, but on my first steps with this Xperia XZ Premium, I felt like I had a real racing beast , not only amazed by its more beautiful screen Than ever but in addition, it goes devilishly fast.
Moving from one application to another is a real pleasure, never seems to be behind what has just been asked. This is without a doubt one of the most responsive smartphones I could test in 2017 (and yet the Galaxy S8 + and the iPhone 7 have passed into my hands). By adapting the interface of its new jewel to that of Android, the new Xperia is as easy to use as a good old Google Nexus. Accustomed to using an iPhone 7 and a Huawei P10, I had no trouble adapting to this Xperia XZ Premium . After a rather dense day, the Sony Xperia XZ Premium displays 40% battery, which seems correct. This smartphone that is available in pre-order with a headset offered is a pleasure to use and is probably the best Sony terminal I could try. But to pronounce definitively, I will wait for my complete test.