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Sophie Davant spoke of how her mother had fought cancer in the pages of Paris Match. An event of which it has never quite shed. All the more that she would have wanted to see it become a grand-mother.

In 1980, Sophie Davant was only 20 years ago, when she lost her mother, very sick, who is battling cancer. At the time, it is a friend who passes on the news a week after the diagnosis. “She has not had the strength to tell me herself. I go to a girlfriend’s house to cry all day “, entrusts it with a lot of emotion to Paris Match.

In reality, the disease has already progressed. The tv host recounts that it was an ” inflammatory cancer, inoperable “. Despite the hope of being able to enjoy the last moments, to earn a time with a period of remission, Sophie Davant hears the doctors, not optimistic. The mother of the presenter is turned off finally at the age of 44 years, without having the opportunity to see her daughter pregnant. Sophie Davant married at the time with the journalist Pierre Sled, and started a family of two children, Nicholas and Valentine, born in 1993 and 1995, before separating from him in 2012.

If time has passed since the death of her mother, Sophie Davant has taken refuge in his work and in the show a Whole story, and ignore the rest, the pain is still present. “22 years after the death of my mother, I would still wake me up at night, shaken by a nightmare where I saw her at my side, sick, and end-of-life “, she wrote in her book It is time to choose her life, published in march last. We praise her courage to accept to talk about it.


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Sophie Davant

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