Sorel-Tracy: a residence for elderly persons invaded by mold

News 13 July, 2017
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    QMI agency

    Thursday, July 13 2017 16:08

    Thursday, July 13 2017 16:08

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    SOREL-TRACY – A seniors ‘ home in Sorel-Tracy, in Montérégie, could be seriously contaminated by mold, what worries the families of those who live there.

    Relatives of residents of the Marquis de Tracy have been part of this problem through the page Facebook of TVA News, after finding mold and mushrooms in the basement of the establishment.

    They have also reported water ingress in the building, which is home to approximately 75 seniors.

    “There are mushrooms in the basement, it’s terrible. There is one which is as big as the fist. There is water on the floors, in the corners especially, and on the walls you can see black spots. And I don’t know in there, but I have the impression that if you defeated the wall, if there are any that come out through the skirting boards, surely that back it is full” is reported, anonymously, the daughter of a resident.

    The manager of the establishment, Bernard Beauchemin, has been seen, a surgical mask in hand, in the company of an employee of a firm that specializes in this type of situation. He did not want to speak on camera, but admitted the water infiltration problem and he was assured that he was attacking and that the firm that he hired for the set would be at work as early as Friday.