South Korea will give the money to eliminate Kim Jong-UN

News 7 December, 2017

Seoul has transferred money resources on the assassination of Kim Jong-UN. It is reported by United Press International.


The South Korean government has laid in the state budget for next year of $ 300,000 for the elimination of the head of the DPRK. These financial means will be directed on training and purchase of special means for the soldiers of the separate military unit devoted to the elimination of the Kim Jong-UN. This Taskforce will include 1000 solat, as well as the top leaders of the Republic.

The squad will undergo training on the program of soldiers of the American unit SEAL Team Six in 2011, which destroyed the terrorist Osama bin Laden. The men have reconnaissance drones and mounted grenade launchers. In the future, the South Korean authorities want to increase spending on the squad, spending approximately $ 24 million.