Spain gave the U.S. the programmer Levashov : In the World : Vladim

News 2 February, 2018

The police of Barcelona in April arrested a Russian programmer Peter Levashov. The United States accused Levashov in cybercrime and demanded Spain to give them a criminal.


As reported, Peter Levashov has created cyberinfrastructure in the form of a network of computers. Cyber infrastructure has been created by a hacker with the purpose of carrying out illegal activities, namely fraud and theft of personal information. The Spanish court decided to transfer the detainee to the States in early October. In turn, Moscow sent a request in Madrid, to give Levashova of Russia, where he is also arrested, but in absentia. We also know that the programmer can be involved in cyber espionage during the US election.

The FSB claim that the defendant Levashov has developed a computer network such as a botnet Kelihos. Hacker controlled hundreds of thousands of computers sending spam, viruses, and letters with menaces.

Russia accuses Peter Levashov in hacking the website of one of medical institutions of Saint-Petersburg.