St-Pierre promises a victory by knockout of Bisping at the gala UFC 217

Sport 14 October, 2017

Photo: Chris Young The canadian Press
Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre will face each other at Madison Square Garden, New York, on the 4th of November.

Toronto — The champion of the middleweight UFC Michael Bisping has done everything possible to disturb Georges St-Pierre, Friday, as the two fighters participated in a promotional tour to the approach of the gala UFC 217.


In the framework of a press conference held at the Temple of the hockey hall of fame, Bisping took on the accent of “GSP” when he expresses himself in English and said that the ex-champion welterweight was a fighter boring.


For its part, the Montreal has promised that the fight will not be at the limit and that would be the K. O. to Bisping.


They will face each other at Madison Square Garden on November 4. It will be the first combat veteran 36-year-old since he left the UFC in November 2013.


Bisping, a british fighter 38-year-old who trains in California, will attempt to defend his title for the second time.