Stage rental

News 25 April, 2023

If you want to organize any performance, you should make sure that the performer will be visible to the audience. Unfortunately, not all venues where such performances might take place have all the necessary equipment to guarantee this. The basic requirement is that a host should have a distinguished place for performance — a stage. If it’s not available, it’s not a big deal to rent a stage from one of the local companies. Let’s learn about how it works and find out one of the most reliable suppliers of stage rental NYC.

Conditions for renting a stage for holidays

In New York, there are many companies that offer event organizers the possibility to rent different types of equipment, including stages. They might have their particular conditions, so here we’ve listed just the basic requirements relevant for both stage rental providers and clients:

  • Size and capacity of the stage: Usually, this is the first condition you should specify to the supplier before renting equipment. This point will affect the price and the installation time. This point also includes the client’s needs for the type of equipment. For instance, you might need a small mobile truck stage or a big portable stage for an outdoor music festival. The size and capacity of the stage are determined by the event type.
  • Insurance: This is the condition rental companies often require from their customers. This is necessary for them to know because they want to make sure that any expenses for potential damages during the event will be covered.
  • Permissions: Different events might be hosted in different places. If this isn’t a private venue, an event organizer might need to ensure the supplier of a stage that they have official permission from local authorities or other legal bodies in charge to set up this type of equipment in that venue.
  • Installation included: This is the condition you should specify from the chosen provider of rental services since not all companies include this service in the total price. Find this out in advance to calculate the expenses correctly.
  • Extra equipment: Except for a stage, you might need some other equipment for your event, including audio inventory, lighting equipment, drapery and pipes, carpets, and many more. Before placing a rental order, make sure that the chosen provider can deliver and install all the necessary equipment. 

Where to rent?

If you want to rent a stage in New York with the most favorable conditions, you should consider getting in touch with the AudioVideoNYC company. This is a premium provider of rental services that has everything you need not only for proper staging but for the management of lighting and audio systems. Delivery and installation services are included.