Started in Brazil traditional carnival In the World : Vladim

News 10 February, 2018

Brazil will start the next carnival. This is reported by all accredited correspondents of leading news agencies.


The economic Department of the municipality of Rio de Janeiro has estimated that the city expected half million influx of tourists that bring in the municipal Treasury more than $ 1 billion. The procession will traditionally begin with the presentation of key to the city to king Momo, which are carefully selected from among the high and thick men. The king is the ruler of city and need to get the key personally from the mayor.
However, as noted by the reporters, this year’s ceremony will change the usual order. The mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Marcela Criollo is bad for carnival, because the key to the king will be awarded to one of his deputies.

Otherwise, everything will be held at the usual scenario. Choose the Queen and princesses will be the platform from each community carnival, with dances, music and songs.

This year the city authorities intend to impose strict testing for alcohol for all drivers platforms. This measure was adopted under the influence of last year’s tragedy when one of the mobile platforms lost control and crashed into a fence. Killed one party and 20 were injured.