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Twelve-year-old Stéphane Bern and Cyril Vergniol are a couple subtle but strong ; preserve, among other things, share the same passion for the beautiful.

“The confidence and esteem followed to the passion “, due in 2015 Stéphane Bern to our colleagues from Paris Match. An interview during which the facilitator then 51 years old, was delivered on the loving relationship that he lives ” for nearly ten years,” with its companion, the interior architect Cyril Vergniol. Rare confidences which enabled him to deliver the right formula to find happiness two : “ You can’t be in the same state of exaltation in love with the same person at the end of several years of common life. I’ve come to accept that love is a slow build, patient, and complicated. “


As many of the thoughts shared by Cyril Vergniol, like the facilitator with a passion for history is a workaholic. In fact, after having made his weapons in interior architecture at the firm of luxury, Alberto Pinto, this forty-something woman is now at the head of his own agency, Stylagos. Creator and businessman, his account Instagram is an ode to the elegance and beauty that it will find everywhere around the world, as evidenced by the shots of many stays in Italy and in Asia that he published.


A love of the beautiful that sharing obviously Stéphane Bern and which undoubtedly will be the subject of many discussions and contemplations commons during their next vacation. A period of rest the couple should certainly afford the next month in Greece ; a country where the facilitator’s flagship public service has, over the past fifteen years, a house in the tropical setting of the island of Paros.


In the summer, its joys and its possible amourettes that Stéphane Bern had mentioned in 2012 in the columns of France on Sunday : ” I am fitted, so I don’t have the intention to seduce. People consider that this is the season where we can make mistakes, but according to me, this is the time where we can find the person that we love, who we live with. This is the time to deepen his romantic relationships. With my friend, it is all the time together, this is happiness ! “.


A complicity flawless as some would like to see cemented by a marriage. Thus was launched the rumor that the two men would marry into the righteous wedding ” at the end of the summer.” An advert Stéphane Bern just react with our colleagues from, to deny firmly : “this is All stupid and I wasn’t getting married ! “.

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