Stove holed and patched up with tape

News 21 July, 2017
  • Photo Pierre-Paul Poulin
    The patisserie-bakery-Efes is located in Parc-Extension, Montreal.

    Dominique Scali

    Friday, 21 July 2017 18:40

    Friday, 21 July 2017 18:40

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    The patisserie Efes Montreal could well have difficulty to keep their pies warm : one of his stoves was holed and patched up with tape.

    The property located at 689, rue Saint-Roch, in the neighbourhood of Parc-Extension in Montreal, has received two fines totalling $ 3200 $, in April last, for temperature problems and uncleanliness to be observed in 2015.

    “On the front of the stove […], there was a large space open at the bottom. On a side wall, there was presence of a hole, the window was broken and pasted with adhesive tape “, noted by the inspectors during their visit of November 2015.

    Pudding is too hot

    They have therefore measured the temperature of a fifty pies stuffed with meat or vegetables that were supposed to be kept at 60 °C or more, according to the standards of the ministry of Food (MAPAQ), but which were too cold. For example, blocks with beef were 26 °C and blocks the cheese, at 28 °C.

    On the other hand, a fridge that glass was too hot. Thirty pots of rice pudding were kept at 9 °C or 11 °C in some cases, then they would have had to be kept cool, 4 °C or less.

    Profiteroles, with chantilly cream, had an internal temperature of 12 °C to 13 °C. The yogurt drink were, on the other hand, at 8 °C.

    “No thermometer was available on the premises to check the temperatures,” noted the inspectors.

    Those in charge were, however, warned us about three months earlier, because of the blocks were hanging out on a baking sheet at room temperature of 23 °C rather than at fees, says the report of July 2015. Others were kept in boxes for delivery. Reports dating back to 2013 were already reflected in food that was not warm enough.

    Droppings of mice

    The cleanliness of the establishment left also to be desired. Droppings and mouse holes in the bottom of some walls have been found at a few places by inspectors in march 2016. The floor was so dusty ” flour and other debris “.

    “Equipment is unclean in direct or indirect contact with food “, wrote already the inspectors in July 2015, adding that several control boxes were stored directly on the floor.

    The restaurant has not responded to calls from the Log.

    It is necessary to wait several months after an offence for a judge to hear the case and make its award. The details of these judgments have been obtained as the result of a request for access to information.

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