Strike (CPES) in the eastern Townships

News 16 March, 2018
  • Shanny Hallé / QMI Agency

    Friday, 16 march, 2018 09:16

    Friday, 16 march, 2018 09:19

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    SHERBROOKE – Thirteen early childhood centers in the Sherbrooke region are on strike Friday.

    Around 10 pm, about 250 workers Centres de la Petite Enfance (CPE) of the Sherbrooke region will manifest.

    Thursday night, negotiations continued between the two parties up to 22 hours, but in vain. They were not able to find common ground.

    Several points are unsuccessful.

    The employers ‘ association wants a single collective agreement for the 13 EPC and thus regionalise the provisions local. The trade Union of workers of the centres of the childhood is estimated that this approach does not comply with, inter alia, the working conditions of the workers.

    The workers are without collective agreements since march 31, 2015. According to the union, there were 386 issues between the two parties since the beginning of the renewal of the collective agreement.

    The union wants a settlement before march 31 of next year. Other meetings of negotiations will take place next week.

    The CPE affected by the day-long strike on the 16th of march are:

    CPE the friends of The globe

    CPE Balan-Foam (Mischievous)

    CPE The red ball

    CPE The Childishness

    CPE Between friends

    CPE Fafouin

    CPE Imagémo

    CPE in The garden of wonders

    CPE The Planter

    CPE Jeunestrie

    CPE Passe-Partout and his friends

    CPE The full moon

    CPE The Stroumps