Students prisoners of bureaucracy

News 11 July, 2017
    Cathy Auger and his son, William battle, so that he continues to attend The Samarre

    Yanick Fish

    Tuesday, 11 July, 2017 14:57

    Tuesday, 11 July, 2017 14:57

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    A dozen high school students will be forced to change schools this fall because the school board refuses to let them choose the institution that suits them best.

    The Commission scolaire des Appalaches has chosen, in recent months, to put all in place to prevent young people from Saint-Ferdinand to go to study at the school board nearby. The process of obtaining the waiver was a formality in years past.

    This decision will have significant impacts on Rosemarie Gregory who will have to abandon his friends, but also his program of study in sport, in cheerleading, which is not offered at polyvalente de Black Lake. It should go up to Thetford Mines (located more than 30 kilometers), in order to have access to it. Her parents fear that this situation has a negative impact on its behavior and success in school.

    “We have children dynamics that move a lot and need to be supervised. The cheeleading is a passion for it, it allows him to release his energy and be more attentive in class. She followed the footsteps of his brothers who are in Samara. I don’t know how she will react to this change of environment, but it worries us,” says the father of the teenager, Stéphane Grégoire.

    William Lafleur, the choice is clear. He will continue his studies at the polyvalente La Samare in Plessisville, or he will pick the school. No question for him to go to Committee Lake. After having lived through hell in the precincts of the Commission scolaire des Appalaches in elementary school, being labeled as a student turbulent, it has finally found an environment that suited him to The Samara and wants to return there to obtain a diploma of vocational studies.

    “It is, of course, I’m not going there (at the polyvalente de Black Lake). All my world is in Plessisville, I feel respected, ” he said. I have as project to do a DEP in construction, but it is not for me to Black Lake”, a statue there.

    It is not allowed at this time to a parent to choose a school for their child, if it is located outside of the school board where he resides. In June, the deputy Jean-François Roberge has filed a bill to give them this freedom.

    Determined to enforce the law

    The director-general of the Commission scolaire des Appalaches, Jean Roberge, has limited itself to say that his organisation was determined to enforce the laws. He has not given any reason other the reasons for its decision.

    The Commission scolaire des Bois-Francs is said to be ready and able to welcome the students of St. Ferdinand.


    Saint-Ferdinand is located in the MRC de L’érable, of which the central city is Plessisville, but can be found in the school Board nearby.

    Saint-Ferdinand is located mid-way between Plessisville and Black Lake (23 km)

    -The students involved have learned that they would no longer attend the polyvalente La Samare on the eve of final exams

    -With its 825 students, polyvalente La Samare is about two times larger than that of Black Lake (500 including the primary) and offers more services and programs.

    -The students of second cycle (secondary 3, 4 and 5) have a “vested right” and do not have to change schools.