“Suburban Othello” that cut his wife’s hands, caught by the police

News 12 December, 2017

Criminal case under article “Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health” had been brought against men who the media have already nicknamed “Moscow, Russia”. As you know, the husband cut off his wife’s hands, suspecting her of infidelity. It is also reported that doctors took a chance, but still sewed the woman’s limbs back.


At the moment, the injured woman still in hospital. Local media say that the offender, before chopping off wife’s hands, initially tortured her. The man was cut off and crush her fingers one by one, trying to find out whether the woman cheated on him with another.
After a few hours, “Othello” tortured woman, he brought her back, bleeding, to the hospital. Doctors performed her complex surgery.

At first we all were confused and simply did not know what to do. But then still decided to risk it and try“, – say the doctors who conducted the operation.

It is also worth noting that the couple had two children, who at the moment are at grandma’s. Relatives of the victim have declared at the expanse of social networking to raise funds to help her, as soon as possible rehabilitation.