Suicide of a student: the Laval University will redouble its efforts in prevention

News 9 February, 2018
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    Anne-Sophie Love, the young medical student who committed suicide.

    Nicolas Lachance

    Friday, 9 February 2018 18:49

    Friday, 9 February 2018 19:01

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    “Deeply marked” by the suicide of one of its students of medicine, Laval University will redouble its efforts to prevent other deaths and “consider” the recommendations of the coroner’s Office.

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    “The death of Anne-Sophie has deeply marked,” said the spokesperson of the institution, Andrée-Anne Stewart.

    On Friday, The Newspaper announced that, following the suicide of the young medical student Anne-Sophie Love, the coroner Andrée Kronström recommends profound changes in the learning methods at the Faculty of medicine of Laval University.

    The establishment said to be concerned by the stigma attached to the thick culture of performance. “Performance anxiety and suicide are problems faced by all the universities and throughout society currently. Université Laval is the fact, that it cares “.

    It also ensures that ” the members of the management of the Faculty of medicine are extremely susceptible to health problems and the distress that can live the students “.

    Consider the recommendations

    The establishment is said to have taken “knowledge of the recommendations of the coroner Andrée Kronström in respect of our Faculty,” and will be ” taken into account “, ensuring that the university will redouble its efforts to try to prevent other cases such as that of Anne-Sophie.

    However, even if the coroner of record, to Me, Andrée Kronström, recommends that you review the policies of the assessment of the practicum in order to mitigate the sources of anxiety, competition and exclusion, the university cannot and does not confirm that it will bring change. “We are going to examine the question “.

    However, the property account to make known to students and supervisors the policy of time-protected, which seems not to be respected. “We will strengthen our efforts to publicize and enforce the Policy (…) on the occasion of the day of home,” said Ms. Stewart.

    Thus, the external should not exceed 10 hours of work and university by day, for a limit of 55 hours per week.