Super Mario Run unveils Android release date

Techno 19 January, 2017

After reaching 90 million downloads on IOS, Super Mario Run has just officially unveiled its release date on Android.
Since its release on IOS last December, we can say that Super Mario Run has become a real world card. 90 million downloads later, the game largely surpassed Pokemon Go in its first weeks, even though a large number of gamers still do not have access to mobile gaming. Indeed, the game is still not found on Android, but rest assured, since this should not last long. Nintendo America unveiled today on its Twitter account that Super Mario Run would be available on Android smartphones and tablets from next March . Great news for all fans of the mustached plumber, but also for the Japanese firm. Because if the first mobile game stamped Mario cartoon, Super Mario Run does not sell terrible , and players do not seem ready yet to pay 10 € to unlock the full game.

As stated in the Nintendo tweet, it is already possible to register directly via the Google Play store, in order to be automatically alerted when the Super Mario Run on Android is online. Also note that the Deluge game , already available for a few days on the game, will continue until January 26 next. If Android users will not be able to benefit, players on IOS for their part should have something to do! Remember that this special event allows you to earn 1.5 times more coins than usual. Have you already preordered Super Mario Run on the Google Play Store?