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News 29 March, 2018
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    Marie-Pier Cloutier

    Thursday, march 29, 2018 07:30

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    Psychostimulants have side-more than ever on university campuses and they are found almost as easily as the coffee!

    They are called the drugs of the intelligence or the pill, the doping of the school. In fact, these are medications used to treat attention deficit Disorder with or without hyperactivity (ADHD). Among them figure, Ritalin, Vyvanse, Concerta or Aderall, to name a few.

    In the universities, the young people know it all to be consumed or have a friend who does. Most do not have a diagnosis of ADHD and pervert the original role of these drugs, “to study under the influence”.

    The team of “J. E.” visited three universities where the students do is hide not to consume these drugs with the sole purpose of increasing their academic performance.

    Several of the young people interviewed randomly have admitted to eating sporadically. “It is especially during periods of exams or intense at the end of the session that I use,” said one of them.

    Another student told that he sold of psychostimulants for a few years. His clientele was comprised mainly of students and young professionals.

    He was purchasing the tablets through a friend who had a prescription and refilait the surplus. Today, he consumes to the occasion.

    “I am when I see that I’m really late, because I still want to have good grades and I see a direct impact,” he said. I did in three days what the world has done in a session and I got 96 %, 85 % and 80 %.”

    The “pushers” new generation

    Finished the seller of drugs to the corner of the street. It is now replaced by the student suffering from ADHD who sells his surplus medicines or pills obtained with a false prescription. Many young people are entrusted to “J. E.” to have learned by heart the possible symptoms of ADHD, and to have recited it to their doctor in the hope of getting a diagnosis “biased”.

    “The questions are really trivial,” says one we’ll call Sabrina. It says be gone to meet her family doctor under the advice of her friends.

    “The doctor asked me if I had difficulty concentrating at school more than 15 minutes, and if I happen to forget often things”.

    She goes on to say you have ticked yes to all of these questions and submitted the form. “A week later, I had my prescription and I could have Concerta”. Sabrina still finds it hard to believe that it is a real ADD.

    Often used to maximize the study, these psychostimulants have also the side with young people who use it recreationally before going out on the Friday night, for example. Some even go so far as to sniff the powder up their tablet to increase the desired effect.

    The demand is such that he has developed a true black market. It is now possible to buy these medications on sites for classified ads such as Kijiji for an average of $ 5 to $ 20 a pill, depending on the dose.


    In Canada, the sale of prescription drugs is subject to certain legal requirements under the Act the food and drugs act and related regulations, in particular to the effect that the sale must result from a prescription written by a health professional.

    If an offence is committed, as the illegal sale of a prescription drug, Health Canada or the police may submit the case to the public prosecution Service of Canada, which has the power to file charges and impose fines.