Survey Lightweight: Justin Trudeau pays the price for a “disastrous” trip to India

News 10 March, 2018
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    Saturday, 10 march, 2018 16:11

    Saturday, 10 march, 2018 16:11

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    Canadians “are very angry” that Justin Trudeau has lost credibility on the international stage during his “disastrous trip to India,” believes the political analyst Robert Bernier.

    On the set of LCN Saturday, professor at the national School of public administration (ÉNAP) responded to the survey, Slight published in the Journal de Montréal, which indicates that the liberals of Justin Trudeau and conservative Andrew Scheer are now elbow-to-elbow, each with 38 % of voting intentions.

    The honeymoon of Justin Trudeau with the electorate has likely ended in India, according to Robert Bernier.

    “The preparation of foreign travel needs to be better made, on the basis of full information, he said. This information, which must come ultimately from our intelligence services, that is to say the canadian security intelligence Service security, the RCMP, and national Defence.”

    There has been a flaw at the level of the preparation to this visit in India, the evidence being the presence of Jaspal Atwal to the reception that Trudeau has given to Delhi, it could have been avoided,” said Mr. Bernier. Mr Atwal, who is originally sikh, has been in prison in the 1980s after attempting to assassinate an indian minister who was on a visit to Canada.

    According to Mr. Bernier, Justin Trudeau needs people who are going to make it “the right time” in terms of intelligence, because “there was too much politics, which is melee in there at the time where we talk to each other” and “foreign policy is de-regulated”, which means that Canadians “are very angry”.

    The “loss of credibility” of Justin Trudeau in the world following his trip to India is going to have a significant impact on the conduct of the G7, according to Robert Bernier, so that the main leaders of the planet will arrive at La Malbaie, in the Charlevoix region, in June next, under the presidency of Justin Trudeau.

    The conservative mp Gérard Deltell said for his part that “Justin Trudeau has made us ashamed abroad”, which is of benefit to the support of his party, especially in Western canada.

    “The time eventually catches up to everyone in politics, and especially when everything is based on the image. To us, it’s been two and a half you see, Mr. Trudeau all day in the room, which has a lot of interest on the image and the substance. And then two weeks ago, all Canadians have realized that this is it Justin Trudeau. It is enfargé in his own laces.”

    There is also the last federal budget, which makes “tumbling” the liberals, according to Mr. Deltell.

    “These people are elected on the promise of smaller deficits and no deficits in 2019. The reality is that they are deficits three times higher than expected, and worse than that, they have no idea of the return to a balanced budget.”