Suspicious package in an office of member of parliament

News 10 January, 2018
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    Boris Proulx

    On Wednesday 10 January 2018 15:51

    On Wednesday 10 January 2018 15:51

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    OTTAWA-A suspicious package received by the office of the Bloc quebecois mp Louis Plamondon force the evacuation of a building in Ottawa, Wednesday afternoon.

    A “box ladle” addressed to Mr. Plamondon received about 15 h by his office on parliament hill was in need of a call to the royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP).

    Photo Boris Proulx

    The Justice building on Wellington street in Ottawa, was evacuated Wednesday after a call for a suspicious package in the office of the mp Louis Plamondon.


    It is the assistant to the federal mp who noticed that something was wrong with a big package brought to you by Canada Post. She immediately returned to the postal workers of the building.

    “The scanning, they saw that as a small detonator, wires, and then a watch or a small computer. They immediately called the police, ” says the member of parliament, contacted by The Journal.

    The RCMP has requested the immediate evacuation of the Justice building, located close to Parliament in Ottawa.