Sweden (W) vs Mexico (F) live streaming free: preview, prediction

Sport 8 July, 2017

Sweden (W) vs Mexico (F) live streaming free
Forecast for the match Sweden (W) – Mexico (F)

July 8, 2017 at 19:15, the program of international friendly matches of the Saturday day will continue the duel between the women’s national teams of Sweden and Mexico.

Sweden (W) vs Mexico (F) preview
The Swedish women’s national team of Sweden, for all its history is famous for quite good achievements. The most significant for today is the won European Championship in 1984, as well as reaching the final of the World Cup in 2003. At the last tournament, and this was the Algarve Cup, the Swedes won in the fight for 7th place with the Russians with a score of 4: 0.

Sweden (W) vs Mexico (F) prediction
The national women’s national team of Mexico for football, great achievements, and even more so as the Swedes can not boast. At the last world championship, Mexicans making their way to the final in 2015, took the last place in Group F, then playing in a draw with the Colombians, and also losing to the English women and the women’s national team of France. The last game of the women’s national team of Mexico played in February 2017 against the cannabis, where she lost with a score of 3: 2.

Women’s teams of Sweden and Mexico against each other played just one game. Then back in 2011, a victory in a friendly match won the Swedes with a score of 2: 0. Team Sweden in many ways ahead of Mexican, and therefore with a high probability will prevail this time. Bet: ф1 -1.5