Sweet drinks with high alcoholic content : éduc’alcool wants quick action

News 12 March, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Monday, 12 march, 2018 09:14

    Monday, 12 march, 2018 09:19

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    Éduc’alcool reproach to Quebec and Ottawa to return the ball on the frame of sugary drinks with high alcoholic content and proof of stagnation, in order to avoid further tragedies like that of the young Athena Gervais, who would have died after having consumed.

    “We would have been able to expect that governments, which are the guarantors of the public good, are firmly committed to take the necessary measures to prevent such incidents happening again in the future. Each of the two levels of government first rushed to return the ball to the other. We invite you now to take action,” said the organization’s director general, Hubert Sacy, by press release on Monday morning.

    He pointed out that Ottawa has the power to ban these drinks the alcohol taste is masked by the sugar. Failure to do so, the federal government could limit the format, since brands like Four Loko or FCKDUP contain three to four standard drinks per can single use, which is too much according to éduc’alcool. The labelling could also be framed in order to minimize the attractiveness for minors.

    For its part, the Quebec government should not stand idly by, because it may impose a minimum price. Éduc’alcool asserts that the price to a reasonable minimum is $ 1.60 for a glass standard, which means that cans such as those of Four Loko or FCKDUP should not sell for less than 6,40 $. However, the organization maintains that they “have sold up to two times less expensive on the market”.

    The province could also restrict sales of these drinks to a branch of the SAQ, as well as framing “seriously” in their advertising and promotion.

    “If only our two levels of government to take without delay such measures elementary, Athena Gervais will probably not be dead for nothing,” said Hubert Sacy.