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Entertainment, Techno 17 July, 2017


Sylvie Tellier was married with Lawrence, the father of her daughter, Margaux, at Porquerolles on July 14. But this is not the first marriage of the general director of society Miss France. Return on a failure.

Discreet about his private life, Sylvie Tellier has little entrusted on the failure of his marriage with Camille on The Sore. Speaker of Margaux, in 2015, she confides, however, to Gala : ” I was too absorbed by my work to see the realities in front “ ; “today I am more the part of things between the private and the professional” ” my husband never shared the same family values as me… I asked for the divorce “. About his silence on the issue, she says : “probably because I preferred to live with the trauma away comments”.

The one which has met subsequently, Laurent, with whom she has had the small Margaux and that she married on the 14th of July last, believed at the time that ” his love life was over,”.

More recently in the talk-show Amanda Scott on France 2, Sylvie Tellier is back on the concept of divorce in general, making the parallel with the one of his parents : ” Unfortunately, as many French and French, I am from a family of divorced parents. I thought I did reproduirais’t like it, and I reproduced because I divorced my turn. But, as in the case of my parents, I think sometimes couples are made to live together for a long time, and then other less. But this is not for this that they do not create very beautiful things, and me, I have very good memories of my marriage. And lo and behold, after it is always said that it doesn’t match or it does not match. This is the life ! “

Sylvie Tellier seems to have now well and truly turned the page on this difficult period and ask above a look appeased. This is probably the best attitude to enjoy the happiness yet to come, with the new man in her life.

Sylvie Tellier

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