Talk to the people ? Ark !

News 6 March, 2018
  • Photo AFP
    Emmanuel Macron and Philippe Couillard at the Elysée, yesterday.

    Richard Martineau

    Tuesday, 6 march 2018 05:00

    Tuesday, 6 march 2018 05:00

    Look at this article

    Not a day goes by without that we hear the word ” populism “.

    Up to Philippe Couillard, who never misses an opportunity to demonize his opponents, who took advantage of his trip to the Macronie to assert that the CAQ is a party ” populist “.


    I would like to explain to me the definition of this word.

    If it is ” Speaking to the people of subjects of interest to the people in words that people understand “, I don’t see where the problem is.

    What, he cares for the people, mr. Couillard ? He does not want to seduce ? He does not run after its votes ?

    There is that the vote of the physicians who are interested ?

    “Beware of those who profess to love the people, but who despise all that the people love,” said René Lévesque.

    Poor Ti-Coat… today, it would pass for a nasty populist.

    Imagine : listen to the people, to talk with him in simple words, without looking up, find that there is intelligence popular, take what people said into consideration, read the newspapers he reads…

    Ugh ! Ark !

    What a demagogue !

    You must not follow the people, not, should be the guide, let’s see, the educate, lead them to think like us, the people is a herd beast and uncultivated that it is necessary to lead with a carrot and a stick, as it leads the sheep, with a certain distance so they won’t we contaminate…

    Above all, never attend !


    “The populism advocated a distrust of the intellectuals “, I read on a political website.

    And then ? We should not be wary of the intellectuals ?

    Jean-paul Sartre, who praises the USSR, Godard saliva before Mao, Foucault, that tripe about the ayatollah Khomeini, Badiou justifies Pol Pot, Debray who takes up arms alongside of Che, Verges who defends the palestinian terrorists — the story is full of great intellectuals who knelt in front of the worst tyrants.

    Not to mention the far left who made the game of islamic fundamentalists, and we praised the virtues of the veil and the ” modesty of women “.

    And you should drink blindly to their words ?

    If there is something that life has taught me, is that is not because you have read a lot of books that you have judgment.

    As far as I know, the intellectuals are not gods and doctorates do not buy the wisdom…

    “Populism has also the distrust of the international entities, such as businesses and organizations, says the same site.

    What ? We cannot ask questions about the UN, the european Union, or multinational corporations that hide their wealth in tax havens ?

    Ben oh well…


    In fact, “populist” is like ” islamophobic “, it is an insult mat that you throw when you have nothing to say.

    Me, I’m sure there are a lot of people in the entourage of mr. Couillard, who would like that he speaks a little more to the people, and a little less to the elites.

    Mr. Couillard wants the vote of the people, but do not want to stoop to speak with him.