Tall ships attract thousands of visitors

News 14 July, 2017
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    QMI agency

    Friday, 14 July, 2017 17:41

    Friday, 14 July, 2017 17:41

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    THREE-RIVERS – there are the action at harbourfront park in Trois-Rivières in the context of the race of the tall ships. The six impressive boats arrived.

    Thousands of people are expected and already in this first day, many citizens are moved for the occasion.

    It will be possible to board some boats to make the visit. These activities, which forced the organisers to increase security measures.

    “It is not on the tall ships “flip-flops”, with a backpack and a child in her arms! Excavations are to be made. We’re going to watch the baggage”, explains the coordinator, business Tourism and cruises, Jean Perron.

    The activities organized in the city centre generates economic impact major businesses.

    “It’s going to increase our sales by 60% to 75%! It makes a huge difference! On a Friday such as today, it serves customers from 9 am this morning and there should be three employees in the afternoon and six or seven in the evening,” says the co-owner of the milk bar The Ice-Breaker, Bilie Married.

    Boats such as those we are currently in 35 canadian ports. 40 sailing yachts will be heading to Quebec for the end of the race, from 18 to 23 July.