Tame the winter in quebec to Mont-Royal

News 22 January, 2018

    Nadia Lemieux

    Monday, 22 January 2018 00:00

    Monday, 22 January 2018 00:00

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    The winter in quebec does not scare off a group of newcomers who meet each week to experience snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and ice skating in the parc du Mont-Royal.

    “Before arriving here, I didn’t know what it was the cold,” recalls Olivia Beteta, a native of Guatemala and moved to Montreal for six years. For me, the cold, it was 16 degrees!”

    Well, things have changed for the one now passionate about winter sports.

    This passion, she has developed this theme through a programme of outdoor intercultural, offered since 2010 by the Association recreational Milton-Parc. Ms. Beteta participates in the activities of the program for three years.

    “It was important for me to force myself to do things that scared me”, she told the “24 Hours”. Today, she looks forward to the snowfalls “because it is perfect for snowshoeing and skiing!”

    Last Saturday, she and a dozen other people participated in an activity of cross-country skiing in parc du Mont-Royal.

    Promote the integration

    The program coordinator, Adrienne Blattel, explains that beyond encourage the practice of physical activity, outdoor activities, intercultural promotes social diversity and linguistic exchanges. “People give each other advice on the outdoors, but also about life in Montreal and Quebec. Sometimes even on “jobs”,” she noticed.

    The activities are intended as a tool of integration to the host society in creating a sense of belonging. “It helps to better understand the culture in Quebec, because it is very cultural to the ways to enjoy the nature. Here, we developed ways most appropriate to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.”

    Although the program is targeted to the newcomers, Ms. Blattel specifies that the activities are open to all those who would like to discover the outdoors and to share their culture with people from different backgrounds.

    The recreational Association offers one program in four seasons. In the summer, the newcomers can be introduced to the canoe-camping, hiking and kayaking. Approximately 3000 immigrants have participated in the activities since 2010.

    Enjoy the winter

    Rosemberg Romero, originally from Colombia, put on Saturday, his first skis. He moved to Montreal with his family in the fall of 2016, but had not had the chance to get acquainted with the winter season up to now. “When we arrived here, we could not enjoy the winter, because the first few months, we have to do all the business in order to start life here in Quebec.”

    Now that it is properly installed, it can finally discover the joys of the cold season. “In the winter, this was not a stress. On the contrary, it was thought much that it was a fun thing. We are here in Quebec, so it is necessary to take advantage of the winter!”

    Antonin Loury, who has left France for Montreal in September of last year, shares this vision. “The winter in quebec, it is something that attracted me. After that, I have to admit that I still suffered a little bit, he joked. It should be well-equipped!”