Tame wild boar in Poland went on a Bender and come home drunk

News 20 December, 2017

A boar named Hromek disappeared from the Forester of the economy a week ago. This morning, however, one of the Polish farmers found “drunk discovery” among the scraps of fruit for homemade wine in the warehouse.


“Wild” resident Forester farms – wild boar named Hromek were found Forester a little pig and fed a bottle. And now, just a week ago, already an adult wild boar disappeared from the Forester of the economy without a trace. Only after 6 days, an interesting finding was discovered in the warehouse of fruit for the home of a Polish farmer who lives near Woodward farm. According to the farmer, on the warehouse they stored already fermenting fruit for home-made wine. Apparently, the boar smelled and ate too much fruit, and when drunk, decided to lie down and rest.

The farmer immediately called the Woodward – Paul Kowalski – and talked about “drunken discovery” in the warehouse. The Forester then took his ward and he woke up in the paddock.