Tanker with Russian gas turned around before reaching the U.S. In the World : Vladim

News 19 January, 2018

Carrying in the United States, Russian gas tanker turned up to the arrival at the port. Write about the Western media.


The ship was supposed to arrive at the seaport on January 13. The crew changed its route, and now the ship is heading towards the Spanish Algeciras. There is a tanker will appear next week. The owners of the cargo are the representatives of the North American company Engie SA. Change the route they are not commented.

Earlier, the Russian press reported that a tanker carrying fuel shigenoi with the project “Yamal LNG”, for delivery in the United States. As noted in the media, this delivery does not correspond to the development plan of the local market in which the United States became the largest buyer of LNG, and regasification terminals, converted into objects for liquefied natural gas. Sending fuel planned because of the cold weather on the East coast of the country. Bad weather conditions affected the growth of gas prices, they increased by $6.3 thousand per 1,000 cubic meters.