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Entertainment, Techno 13 July, 2017


Four months now that Tatiana Silva presents the weather on TF1 ; face is destined to become more and more familiar, the former miss Belgium just to tell our colleagues from Télé 7 jours. The opportunity to learn that behind her beautiful smile are in hiding for very large wounds.

2008, Tatiana Silva is 23 years old, a title miss Belgium behind her and a modeling career underway. However, the catwalks and photo shoots photos do not pay enough ; also taking advantage of ” opportunity “, a decision is taken to open his store of ready-to-wear in Antwerp : “But I chose the wrong time, as it was in 2008, and the economic crisis that forced me to close. I then worked in a store where Marie-Pierre Mouligneau, our Évelyne Dhéliat to us [in Belgium], went one day and proposed me to make the tests for the weather. It was my fate. “–to explain in an interview with Télé 7 jours to be published next Monday.


An extraordinary destiny and more yet now that she has entrusted the nature of the dramas that she has had to go through before of going every weekend in his presentation of the weather on the first channel of Europe. Because Tatiana Silva, the beauty of which is equalled only by the charming preciousness with which she gives the rain and the good weather returns by far.


Indeed while the teen goes in a gentle insouciance, his mother died, laid low by breast cancer ; Tatiana Silva is only 16 years old and sees its world collapse and a new need to rebuild : “When it happens to you an event as upsetting, which has direct consequences on your daily life, it makes you responsible. It is necessary to take meals, bills, etc…It was brutal. I became an adult too quickly, and my carefree went to the door. It was a period very complicated, which has caused a lot of collateral damage. “


Of terrible years in which the ex-girlfriend of Stromae was already back in an interview granted to our colleagues of the Paris Game last march : “My mother learned she had breast cancer when I was 14 years old. At that age, it was more in the mood for foraging than running to the shops in search of a wig. It is difficult to live. I had a tendency to want to flee the house. I didn’t want to see my mother, weakened by the chemotherapy. His illness lasted two years… It was not very long.


Always in this interview to Paris Match, she explained having gone through this period without be helped ; his father having left only to assume this hell : “He called me from Cape Verde, but this was not the same thing. My parents were divorced for years and he had built his life… It explains a little of the isolation in which I found myself. He is much wanted not to be there for me at the death of my mother. It stressait to the idea of what I was going to become… I think this is not trivial if I now works in tv. The eyes of others reassures me. The compliments they comfort me, even if that is not enough to fill the void that I feel in me… five years ago, my father is gone from a heart attack.


When asked about the changes that are taking place in the mind when one is so young, struck by the tragedy, Tatiana Silva also explained how to participate in the elections of miss was beneficial for her : “According to me, it is ready when it has parents who are always united. This allows you to have a good balance. And that, for me, I’m not. At 16 years old, I got the majority early. I lived alone… That said, I am pleased to be exit, not to be fallen into something serious, like drugs for example. I had a lot of chance of being elected Miss Belgium… today, I am confident that I have not been chosen because I was the most beautiful, but because it was my destiny.

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