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News 16 August, 2017
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    Sher Mohammad Haideri has been convicted, on 2 August, invitation to sexual touching. According to the Commission des transports du Québec, he could have taken advantage of the transport of two clients with mental disabilities to touching.

    Eric Yvan Lemay

    Wednesday, 16 August, 2017 06:30

    Wednesday, 16 August, 2017 06:30

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    Two taxi drivers had their licences be suspended, in recent weeks, after having been accused of offences of a sexual nature, of the client. In one case, the victims were suffering from intellectual disability.

    For the past two years, they are no less than six drivers or ex-drivers in quebec who have had their license suspended or face the law with respect to actions to sexual characteristics on the clients. The allegations made against one of them, Sher Mohammad Haideri, are particularly disturbing. Last August 2, he was convicted of having incited two clients with intellectual disabilities to touch it without their consent.

    In the summer of 2016, the man worked for the company Mario Taxi on the South Shore of Montreal. According to the decision of the Commission des transports du Québec, which has suspended his license, he would have touched on his victims during transportation between their residence and a sports activity or artistic.


    In the case of a victim suffering from mild intellectual disability, he would have touched her breasts and genitals under her underwear over to give him a kiss. He had told him not to speak.

    Another victim told how he had slid his hands over her body, and her thighs at least three times. He could have taken advantage of the fact that he attached it to his seat to do the actions that are complained of. When one of the victims has lodged a complaint, the driver would have visited the home of his mother telling him that he needed his job and that he had a family to support. It would also have blocked the door with his foot.


    Sher Mohammad Hadeiri has denied the allegations made against the transport Commission, saying that he had been able to hang the intimate parts accidentally. He has also denied to have asked a victim to touch his penis.

    His employer, Mario Taxi, however, had found the allegations serious enough to suspend it as soon as July 2016. The driver, however, was hired by Taxi Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu a few days before the charges are brought against him. He has not informed his new employer.

    It was, however, fired as soon as the charges were known. “There is zero tolerance,” says the owner, Claude Pigeon. This last is said to have collaborated in the investigation, even if the alleged facts occurred prior to his employment. During the months when he worked for Taxi Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, it has been the subject of six complaints from customers, but none of a sexual nature.

    The commission des transports du Québec withdrew his taxi driver’s permit on may 26. “In both cases, the victims have asked the driver to stop his fondling and he continued “, we read.


    The driver also tried to create a diversion by speaking of his intention to acquire a taxi owner’s permit, the death of his brother in Afghanistan and his depressive state.

    On 2 August, he was convicted of two of the five criminal charges filed against him. He will have to return to court on November 20 to hear his sentence.

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    The trial of the man 73 years of age began last march. He is accused of sexual assault on a 17 year-old client who took her own life after the indictment of the driver.

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    Assault at the exit of the bars

    A taxi driver who worked for 12 years in Montreal and has been accused of sexually assaulting two women at the exit of bars in the city centre.

    Lofti Ben Romdhane has seen its licence to be suspended on the 21st July. The reading of the decision gives cold in the back. One of the alleged victims tells be mounted to the edge of the car Romdhane on Sainte-Catherine street last October. During the trip, he would have asked her to take a seat at the front.

    He would put his hand four times between the legs of the woman. Once on highway 20, he would have taken the head of the client to the embrace of the force. The latter is returned to not be kissed on the mouth and told him to look at the road. Once at the destination, he would have joined them on the sidewalk to put his hands under her skirt and kiss her on the mouth. The woman fled to her home and told everything to his mother.

    “A hug “

    Another woman told be to take the thighs three times during the trip ten minutes to the exit of the boulevard Saint-Laurent. He would have also asked them to give him a cuddle. Again, the SPVM police officers saw a woman come out promptly of the taxi and run away without paying for the race.

    The driver was arrested and accused of sexual assault on two clients. Contacted by The Newspaper, the defendant minimizes his actions and has not expressed regret.

    “There are things that can happen in a taxi, this is not that bad. It is very commonplace. It is more fear than harm, ” said the Residents.

    “Risk of the job “

    According to him, such gestures would be re-established before the disciplinary committee if he worked for a large company. As surprising as it may seem, it leaves even hear that it is “the risk of the job” and that he will take advantage of the fact that he has withdrawn his permit to reorient themselves in another career.

    The Bureau du taxi de Montréal, is said to make checks at each renewal of a permit and each application for a new licence. A code of conduct and a number of reporting, have also been placed in most vehicles.

    “We are inviting people who witness the inappropriate behaviour to call,” said the spokesperson Renaud, Beauchemin.