Taylor Swift & Katy Perry soon at war in the Feud series? The whole truth unveiled

News 15 January, 2017

According to rumors, the rivalry between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry could be staged in the new series of Ryan Murphy. Info or intox, answer here

Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, return on all clashées stars by Zendaya;) What might inspire Ryan Murphy for his new series Feud … March 5, 2017, the American channel FX will kick off a series of ‘Anthology featuring famous rivalries. While the first season will focus on the conflict between the actresses Joan Crawford and Bette Davis , many wonder if the war between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry could one day be honored . Ryan Murphy , to whom we owe already series Glee and American Horror Story , spoke to Us Weekly : “People really want there to be Taylor Swift often asked to Taylor and Katy, but. I will not do it ” . Bad news for those who hoped to learn MORE about the rivalry between the two pop stars! Anyway, these are not conflicts missing in showbiz and lately it’s Bella Thorne who activated the macro mode clash with ex Charlie Puth ! So, not too disappointed?
No bad blood on screen!