Teen Wolf Season 6: Did SPOILER die?

News 25 December, 2016

A character managed to get back into the real world but ended up very poorly in season 6 of Teen Wolf. Is he dead ?
Recently, we showed you a sneak peek of unprecedented episode 6 of season 6 of Teen Wolf in which Lydia discovered a parallel world . It is unclear whether this is the alternative reality created by the Ghost Riders or another world. One thing is for sure, Lydia will not have been sent there for any reason. She might soon find new clues to bring back Stiles. In the last episode aired of season 6 of Teen Wolf, Banshee and Scott are recalled Stiles. The two friends found Roscoe, the Jeep of their friend. But this relic was not enough to communicate with the sheriff’s son. However, they succeeded thanks to … Peter! The latter has sacrificed himself by passing the door of the world which separates them. Peter brought back the keys to Roscoe that allowed Lydia and Scott to talk with Stiles via his radio. If all the hopes of finding the character of Dylan O’Brien, what about the fate of Peter? Did he die in Season 6 of Teen Wolf ?
Peter was able to board in the real world in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . However, the father of Malia was very severely burned and was exhausted. It is already a miracle that he managed to bet back from the reality created by the Ghost Riders. But is he dead or alive? It was not really clear in the episode. In addition, Peter has seen others! He has already suffered terrible burns but escaped, it is possible that its alpha powers still save the once . In addition, Malia was not with Scott and Lydia when they got in touch with Stiles. Had she remained with her father to look after him? Scott and the young woman tried to take his pain to save him. Did they succeed? Peter is a fighter! If his death is heroic, we hope to see him soon in the show. Appointment you are given, from the Tuesday 3 January , to discover we episode. Meanwhile, do not miss all the details on the return of Dylan O’Brien on the set of season 6 of Teen Wolf. And, in your opinion, did Peter die so he could be saved in Season 6 of Teen Wolf?