Tens of thousands of outages in Nova Scotia

News 26 December, 2017
  • Photo Facebook / Nova Scotia Power

    QMI agency

    Tuesday December 26, 2017 02:46

    Tuesday December 26, 2017 02:46

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    The passage of a violent storm of wind on the Nova Scotia has left tens of thousands of families in the dark in a full day of Christmas.

    During the night of Monday to Tuesday, Nova Scotia Power were always close to 65 000 customers without electricity across the province. During the day of Monday, 82 000 subscribers, who were able to restore the power, thanks to the work of the teams on the field, said the company.

    “Because of the winds gusting at over 100 km/h, the electric grid has suffered major damage throughout Nova Scotia. The winds have brought down trees on power lines and broken poles, resulting in lengthy repairs,” explained the company in a press release.

    Shelters have been opened in different cities to accommodate people without access to electricity, while the temperature will dip below the freezing point Tuesday, as the winds calmeront.

    Nova Scotia Power was prepared for the storm, opening its emergency center prior to his arrival. However, the violence of the gusts prevented the teams to work safely in the tunnels, which complicated the operations to restore the electricity.

    More than 500 employees of Nova Scotia Power, of which 350 workers on the field, will be hard at work to restore electricity in the province on Tuesday. The majority of subscribers are expected to regain electricity by Wednesday morning, has assured the company.

    “We will work tirelessly until all our customers have regained electricity. We understand that it is disappointing to miss out of power during a day off, and we appreciate the words of encouragement that our customers have sent to our staff today [Monday]”, said Nova Scotia Power.