Terrorists shot down a Russian su-25 and reported the death of the pilot : In the World : Vladim

News 3 February, 2018

Syrian rebels announced that they had been able to shoot down Russian su-25 in the skies over Idlib province, near the town of Sarakibe. This information is made public satellite channel Sky News Arabia.


According to initial information, the crash of a military plane occurred as a result of falling anti-aircraft missiles in one of its engines. The terrorists also said that the pilot who was piloting the aircraft was killed, but official confirmation of this. Other sources claim that he was ejected from the falling car, and what happened next remains to be seen.

In the defense Ministry confirmed information about the plane crash and said that now there is a question about the search for the body of the deceased pilot. According to some reports, the pilot died during fighting with terrorists, according to others he was taken prisoner.