Test the prediction. Find out what awaits you

Techno 9 February, 2018

2018-02-09 10:11

Test the prediction. Find out what awaits you
Psychologists have learned to predict the future

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Find out what awaits you with this test, reports Rus.Media.

First, answer 9 questions and record the answers on a sheet of paper:

1. Select one color – yellow, blue, red, green or black

2. The first letter of your name.

3. The month of your birth.

4. Black or white?

5. Somebody from his entourage, who of the same sex with you.

6. Your favorite number.

7. What do you like to drive or fly?

8. The lake or the ocean?

9. Make a wish.

Now look at the results:

1. Selected color:

yellow – you are a lucky man, which will please anyone bad;

blue – you are impulsive and constantly waiting for attention and affection from a loved one;

red – your life is full of love, and you are very energetic;

green – you’re a pretty calm person, which suffers from the aggression;

black – you are quite aggressive and is a conservative.

2. The first letter of the name:

A-K – your life is full of friendship and love;

L-G – expect unexpected turn in his personal life;

-I – you will find success in love.

3. Month of birth:

January-March – you will be a good year and the sudden love;

April-June – you will be a stormy and short-lived affair that you will remember for a lifetime;

July-September – the year will be successful and will bring an important change that will affect all;

October-December – you expect difficulties on the personal front, but in the end you’ll find your love.

4. Selected color:

Black – you are waiting for serious changes in life that will seem complicated, but soon you’ll be to thank for their fate.

White – you have a friend who will do it for you everything I can, but perhaps you do not suspect.

5. The man you called

Your closest friend.

6. The number that called you

The number of real friends that will be in your life.

7. What do you like more:

Ride – you don’t like change.

Flying – you like a good adventure.

8. What you choose:

Lake – you are loyal to your loved one and friends.

Ocean – you know how to make people happy, but you are very unpredictable.