Tétrault in the lodge of Zambito: different versions on the evening the controversial

News 16 August, 2017
  • Photo Didier Debusschère
    The new liberal candidate Eric Tétrault

    Annabelle Blais

    Wednesday, 16 August, 2017 00:00

    Wednesday, 16 August, 2017 00:00

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    The new liberal candidate Eric Tétrault has been caught up by Tuesday evening controversial that it was passed in the lodge of Lino Zambito in 2008. However, he has changed the version of events he had exposed the police as part of operation Ivy, has learned our Bureau of investigation.

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    On the radio FM93, yesterday afternoon, Mr. Tétrault has hinted that he may be paid for his ticket and that of his wife for the spectacle of Céline Dion. “I usually pay my tickets, but I don’t remember. “

    The liberal candidate has admitted to having been questioned about this by the Unité permanente anticorruption (UPAC) in the framework of the investigation with the Ivy on the funding policy, commencing in 2014.


    According to documents police sources consulted by our Office of investigation, Mr. Tétrault said that he had not paid the cost of tickets and he thought he was the guest of the deputy prime minister Nathalie Normandeau.

    Mr. Tétrault, who was then chief of cabinet of the minister of public Security, Jacques Dupuis, has also told the FM93 once arrived in the lodge, he had found the presence of Lino Zambito. “I said to myself that maybe I wasn’t in a good place and I left […] I took my things and off I went home. “

    This contrasts once again with his statements to the UPAC. The police, rather, he had claimed to be party to the intermission or a pause “, when the mayor of Laval, in the time Gilles Vaillancourt arrived, because he felt uncomfortable.

    A liar, according to Zambito

    In an interview with the Bureau of investigation, the indicator feature of the Charbonneau commission Lino Zambito accused the liberal candidate of lying about the episode. He explained that he had invited Ms. Normandeau and his entourage, at his own expense.

    “I sent nine tickets to Quebec to Bruno Lortie [the director of the office of the minister] and he had invited Tétrault,” he said.

    The former construction contractor also submits that Mr. Tétrault has not only a flying visit in his dressing room. “He isn’t gone after 5 minutes, he spent almost the entire evening with us ! “, he said.

    “Nathalie Normandeau, and Bruno Lortie are accused of having received bribes, but it’s the same thing for him. He worked for the government, he had free tickets, a dinner party free, drink free, ” insists Mr. Zambito.

    “UPAC is not doing her job, if she did, this guy would not be a candidate “, he added.

    Reached by telephone, Mr. Lortie has remembered to have invited Mr. Tétrault. He confirmed that his colleague, just as the other guests, did not pay for the tickets.