Thai student gave the gentleman a bouquet of banknotes : World : Vladim

News 10 February, 2018

Student from Thailand gave the young man a birthday bouquet of banknotes. At first the girl tried to find out from the beloved, what a gift it would be preferable. However, in response to the received phrase: “anything male”. This led her to thinking about some unusual gift.


The girl took the Bank about a hundred thousand baht, which is 180 thousand rubles. Benefactress cashed the money in small bills and went to the florist. He helped the girl to build money from something like a bouquet. After that, the student found the gentleman in the restaurant and handed him the gift.

The giver recognizes that young people strongly discouraged her from gifts for him, but she still decided to show that a loved one for her special person. From offerings was delighted not only birthday but also his friends, who had dinner with him at the restaurant.