Thailand will give the Russians the US at the request of the FBI : In the World : Vladim

News 9 February, 2018

In Bangkok detained the citizen of Russia Sergey Medvedev. A man suspected of organizing a criminal group, carrying out a hacker attack. Thailand at the request of the FBI will give the Russians the United States.


American intelligence agencies conducted an operation called the “Shadow Network”. As a result of this investigation the police came to the Sergei Medvedev. According to militiamen, the man is the head of the organization that uses dishonest methods of making money. Developers hacked the computers of state institutions and received confidential information. Then they traded the secret data and earned good money on this activity.

In addition to Medvedev the FBI came to other intruders. Fraudsters arrested in Italy, Australia, England, USA and côte d’ivoire. The Russians will give to Washington. The further fate of the leader of the hacker group was decided in a us court. Earlier in Spain accused the programmer from Russia is Peter Levashov in creating viruses and extorting money.