Than to fertilize garlic in the spring if yellow. Three important periods

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2017-04-29 23:10

Than to fertilize garlic in the spring if yellow. Three important periods
Experienced gardeners are experiencing the phenomenon of yellowing of garlic. We will give some tips and tell you what to water the garlic in the spring that are not yellowing.

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Garlic, like many other cultures, it is necessary to feed after the winter. Because most of us plant it before winter, but if garlic is planted in the spring, that is spring variety, it is also necessary fertilizing. By the way, winter garlic is different from spring. They need to know to plant each variety of garlic that is at the time, because it directly affects productivity. Briefly explain the difference between these two types. As for the garlic winter, it is so named because the plant it before winter. By the time this October or November, planting is determined by the weather. Most importantly, the time to do it until frost. Further, garlic cloves root, and in the winter they will not freeze. Spring garlic planted in the spring. This is usually done immediately after complete snow melt, when the ground is already heated. Here briefly the difference between these 2 types of garlic, reports Rus.Media.

Fertilizing garlic after the winter. What and how to do it?

Garlic, as well as many other cultures, it is not necessary every year to put on one place, it certainly should be changed. As for the landing, it’s usually to her soil is prepared in advance, a week or two. This preparation is reduced to the loosening of the soil and fertilizer mineral and organic substances. This usually take a potassium salt, superphosphate and manure. When the garlic is already planted, it is covered with manure (well rotted only). As to the amount of manure, it is usually up to 8 kilograms per square meter.

3 stage spring feeding of garlic

Feed the garlic after the winter, that is winter, his kind need a place in a week, that is when the snow from the garden melted away, and began to appear the first shoots. As for the spring garlic varieties, it will also need to fertilize. Doing this in the formation of his ovaries. Fertilizer in both cases, usually combined with watering, because the soil garlic carries bad. Aqueous solution for feeding need to be cooked in the measure, because he quickly disappears.

Dressing No. 1

As already mentioned, for winter time is a week after the snow melts, and spring is when you see it 3 or 4 leaves. In this case, preparing a solution. It should be done on the basis of urea (tablespoon), which is simply diluted in a liter of water. Now the consumption of this mixture. Here we start from a square meter of the beds with garlic. For each such meter, this mixture will need up to 3 liters.

Feeding No. 2

Reckon a fortnight, and again the garlic (both kinds) need to feed. Here already we will do it nitrophoska, or you can take the NPK. Preparing again a solution. Take water from 10 liters, there measure out 2 tablespoons of any of these 2 fertilizers. On the same square meter, we again need about 3 or 4 liters of this liquid mineral supplements.

Dressing No. 3

This stage, we will have the final fertilizer when young plantings of garlic. Here you need to measure everything very precisely. At the time this step needs to fall in June. This month the bulb slowly begins to form and this process must be controlled. With regard to the composition of the fertilizer, you need to use superphosphate. The technology of preparation of such a solution is exactly the same as it was described at the 2nd stage, ie the same 2 tablespoons, for the same 10-liter bucket of water. But, in this case, per square meter will need more solution, namely 4 or 5 liters.

Feeding garlic foliar way

This method involves spraying liquid fertilizer on the stems of the garlic and leaves. He has a serious plus – all the nutrients quite quickly absorbed by the garlic. If the garlic You are growing quite slowly, it is best to use this method. But it not replacement for all stages of feeding. They are basic, but this food is only a Supplement to them. The concentration of any fertilizer should be a little less if you compare it with the main application. To do this better in the evening or when the weather is cloudy. It should be carried out 2 times during the growth of garlic.

You can prepare another solution. It uses the same urea (tablespoon), plus her bird droppings (one Cup), all diluted in 10-liter bucket of water. And here is the video where You show what else you can feed garlic in the spring. Look.