That will help farmers flooded?

News 14 December, 2017
  • Patricia Hélie

    Thursday, 14 December, 2017 18:37

    Thursday, 14 December, 2017 18:37

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    Forty farmers in the Mauricie and Lanaudière are still without news of their claims to the floods of last spring. But in government, everyone refers to the ball.

    In an interview on TVA News on Wednesday, the prime minister Philippe Couillard has suggested that the disaster victims should contact the department of public Safety. However, the minister Coiteux is not of the same opinion. “We, it covers the damages on the buildings. For crops, it is the ministry of Agriculture”, he said on Tuesday while he was passing through the area.

    The cabinet of the minister of Agriculture, we are rather refers to the Financière Agricole, which has also sent a letter to farmers, telling them that it is she who would follow up. However, the programs do not seem made for this type of damage.

    “You can’t register just in a single program and think that it has a comprehensive coverage”, explained André Houle, senior director of development programs at la Financière agricole.

    “It is a combination of crop insurance, agristability, agriinvest and Agri-Québec Plus”, he continued.

    During that one returns the ball, some farmers have to pay huge sums to feed their animals.

    “It is neglected from the beginning to the end,” said Daniel Barrette.

    “The residences are flooded, uninsured, have had a response to their request. They may have not all been paid, but at least they have had the new. We, nothing,” he added.

    Mr. Barrette assesses its losses at $ 50,000. But with the deadlines for seeding that could not be met, it has not received a cheque of 6000 $ for her seedlings ravaged by the water. Nothing, however, for what he has not been able to plant.

    “I think it’s a unique situation, which would have required a single treatment.”

    Taken by the throat, some farmers must be resolved to get rid of their beasts, or even to find a second job.