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Techno 31 March, 2018

2018-03-31 23:13

That’s what girls are faster than others to agree to sex!
Strange strange findings of scientists.

Scientists have found that modest girls usually agree to have sex than those who are called depraved. A study on sexual preferences of women published on the website of Vanderbilt University, reports Rus.Media.

According to the survey, experienced girls who know what they want from intimacy, to agree to have sex less frequently than the prude, since the latter often not against sex out of politeness. The study is based on responses from about seven thousand heterosexual respondents.

Researcher Heather Katri says that girls who understand that they meet for sex one night, tend to refuse men. She added that these women know what they want from sex.

They are based on my experience, this kind of affair they are not interested.

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Katri believes that her work is important in modern society, because knowledge in this area can protect sexual and personal lives of young people.

“Engaging in unwanted sex always has negative consequences for women, including psychological trauma,” says Chettri.

She believes that it is necessary to lift the ban with the topic of sex, which is still considered inappropriate for media coverage:

“Public reprimand adjusts for men and women in society against each other. Everyone understands that young people have sexual attraction to the opposite sex. They often distribute it through partners who are not ready for that prizvodit inevitably to violence.”

During the interview 61,97% of women reported that their lives are the initiator of sex more often were male, 31,78% — for them the pleasure of a partner more important than their own and of 6.89% — that they have agreed on them unpleasant sexual acts for the satisfaction of the partner.

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