That’s what will never be making a really smart man!

Techno 24 March, 2018

2018-03-24 08:29

That’s what will never be making a really smart man!
Good habits of smart people.

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A smart man is not only (and even not so much) education, General knowledge, amount of reading and the ability to fold in the mind of seven-digit numbers, reports Rus.Media.

This is a man who knows how to prioritize, know what’s important in life and what you can close your eyes, don’t spend your energy on the little things, respects themselves and the people around him, acknowledges that his opinion is not always right and recognizes the right to be wrong for other people. She understands that the world is diverse and multifaceted, and in addition to black and white, there are many other shades. So, what will never be making a really smart man.

They do not allow others to spoil the mood. A smart man knows that if the person brings negativity, then it is not necessary to have it. Besides, the majority of what people do in relation to us, to us, it is just not relevant.

Don’t believe? Why the woman in the shop that come to you on foot, you still yelling? After all this happened, not because you are a bad person or deserved such treatment. It had nothing to do with her problems in life that cause him the stress, and you came to hand. Sympathize with her and go your way. If our mood depends on surrounding people and circumstances, our happiness does not belong to us. And smart people know it.

They don’t hold grudges. If an intelligent man forgives and doesn’t keep evil, then does this not out of altruism, but because he knows that the accumulated negativity destroys in the first place him. Therefore he forgives and lets go of the situation. But it would not be reasonable if I gave the offender a second chance, deep in his problems. A smart man gets a lesson from the events to avoid such situations in the future.

A smart person is not engaged in a fight, if there is another way. A smart man will not be guided by emotions, to get involved in the conflict, which obviously will not be able to emerge victorious. Besides, she knows that the winners in conflicts, each side suffers losses. Quarrels only lead to an outburst of negative emotions on each other, but not to finding out of the situation. Therefore a sensible man prefers fights instead of constructive dialogue.

A reasonable person is content with what he has. The best is the enemy of the good, and the ideal is unattainable. Race him takes a lot of strength and energy and can last a lifetime. Absolute perfection does not exist and the pursuit of it can bring only disappointment. A smart man knows that instead of getting upset about what he had no need to learn to be happy with what he has.

An intelligent man lives in the present moment. It makes no sense to pull a load of past mistakes, if you can make conclusions from them and go on light. It’s also silly to worry about the future, after all, why are you now spoil your nerves and can’t sleep, most likely does not take place. We live in the present and absolutely nothing to spend it on memories of the past or fear about the future. Much more interesting to live for today, and a smart man knows this.

A smart person does not dwell on problems. Our reality is what we think and what emotions these thoughts evoke in us. If we live in constant thoughts about the poor, fears, aggression and hatred, then that is our reality. A smart man knows that in order to change the world, it is enough to change your Outlook. From the fact that people are constantly “cooks” for their problems, they will not be solved, but the energy and health will flow into the void.

They don’t hang out with whiners. Of course, when our friends and loved ones arise the difficulties of life, we want to support them. But there are people who feel real pleasure from that constantly complain about life. A reasonable person protects its own micro-world and don’t want to drown in someone else’s negativity and to waste my energy on this. To neutralize lover to cry on someone else’s shoulder to cry on, ask him a question, he is going to solve their problems, making to get out of the situation. Most likely, he resentfully silent, because it is not going to change anything in life and just wants to complain. In less severe cases it is a question of “sober” whiner and focus on constructive views on the way out.

They are not afraid to say “no”. Quite often we do not do what they want and take the unwanted obligations, just because they are afraid to offend people by refusing. A smart man knows that the one who does not know how to say “no” as a result of living someone else’s life, all the while trying to justify beliefs about ourselves and not to distinguish between their desires and requirements of others.

Of course, this list is far from complete, even with such simple skills smart people, you will be surprised how much easier and more enjoyable your life will be.