That’s why the Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy is much harder than the original games

Techno 5 July, 2017

A player discovered why the remake of the Crash Bandicoot series was so difficult. The remake is not so identical that it all counts.

It was evoked in the test of Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy here, Kara Massie, producer of Vicarious Visions had promised to us that this remake would be identical in the gameplay to the first opus of the series … And it is not finally the case ! Indeed, a Reddit ford by the name of TastyCarcass decided to take a look at the physics of the Crash jumps, which seems to have altered by making the game more difficult than it was originally … Indeed and As we can see in this video, when we compare the original series and the N’Sane Trilogy, we see that Crash falls more quickly after a jump. Well, in the end, it makes the skill with faster reactions.

But where physics changes actually become problematic, is when the marsupial hit box is altered. What does it mean ? Well instead of falling flat on the platforms, the Crash form was rather intended as a pill in the N’Sane Trilogy. Concretely and after a few jumps on the same platform, Crash will always end up sliding … Not surprising then to fall from a platform after a jump to the pixel, which would nevertheless passed on the original trilogy. For a game like this, it’s VERY frustrating. Try to go through the strings of the map The High Road of Crash Bandicoot 1, and you will tell me the news. Before even having a new Crash Bandicoot game, let’s hope that the N’Sane Trilogy is quickly patched.