That’s why the iPad Pro 10.5 inches is more efficient than a MacBook Pro!

Techno 5 July, 2017

Are you rather MacBook Pro or iPad Pro? With iOS 11, the tablet Apple has to compete with the headed computer but can it replace it? Answers in the following lines.

Does the iPad Pro 10.5-inch have the shoulders of a mini-computer? This is the ultimate question that all the testers of this pretty tablet are asked. And meltyStyle makes the same observation as most of our colleagues: yes, the new iPad Pro is up to a computer. With iOS 11, the head tablet will enjoy several cool new features. Well, we still have to wait a few weeks before enjoying it, even if the public beta is already available. However, it is obvious that the new iPad Pro will send paté with this new update of the mobile operating system of Apple. Meanwhile, the iPad already has several advantages over the MacBook Pro.

The first defect of the MacBook Pro is its format which is however so expensive to Apple. The L-shaped configuration of Apple’s notebooks does not facilitate the flexibility of the device. Do you imagine walking with your MacBook Pro? No. The only time you can play the keyboard on your MacBook is when you can sit in the biggest calm. Still in terms of design, the weight is not in favor of the MacBook. It may be ultra-thin, the headed computer is always heavier than a tablet.

The other disadvantage of the MacBook Pro is the touch panel. In 2017, we still can not manipulate his screen with our fingers, while we can do stuff with an Apple Pencil on iPad. Well, there is the famous Touch Bar on some MacBook Pro but unless you slam 2000 balls, you will have to content yourself with the famous trackpad as the only tactile approach of your machine. So, iPad Pro or MacBook Pro? I want to say that it is the needs of the user who will dictate the purchase. And you, what do you think?