The A-25 remains closed for the construction holidays

News 19 July, 2017
  • Photo Courtesy, MTQ
    In this photo taken by a drone in the month of June, it is seen that the work due to a collapse at the edge of the road cut highway 25 in both directions since last April.

    Matthew Payen

    Wednesday, 19 July, 2017 10:00

    Wednesday, 19 July, 2017 10:00

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    The people of the Lanaudière region and the vacationers who travel highway 25 will still take their troubles patiently, because the reopening of the fast path may still be postponed.

    Closed in both directions since April due to a collapse at the curb, at the height of Saint-Roch-de-l’achigan, highway 25 is not expected to re-open next Monday as scheduled.

    “This is bad news, but I can’t say I am surprised because I see that there is still work “, said the préfète of the MRC de Montcalm, Danielle H. Allard, who was not aware of a possible delay in the work schedule.

    It was not possible yesterday to know the new scheduled date for the reopening of the highway, but The Newspaper has learned that the workers would be hard at work on the building site during the construction holiday, which began precisely on Monday.

    Delays in the series

    The delays accumulate since April. The initial work, which included filling the hole nine metres deep and the reconstruction of a culvert, had to take a few weeks at most.

    Then, after further studies of the nature of the soil, the closure of the highway 25 was extended to the Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

    Then, the strike of the building in may and the spring rains, which made the clay soil impassable have pushed the end of the project to the third week of July.

    But now the ministry of Transport (MTQ) invites this morning to the media for a “technical briefing” on the work schedule. According to our information, the site will not be finished this week and the re-opening will not take place Monday.

    Elected not informed

    Joined yesterday, elected officials of the region were still not informed that there would be a new time frame. They should just discuss it tomorrow in the framework of their meeting by telephone weekly with the MTQ.

    “We are told that the workers are there day and night, but here, it is necessary that you end up with loose Ms. Allard. The dense traffic on all our roads, it is dangerous. And then, Montrealers do not dare to spend their Sunday evening at the cottage for fear of being caught in the traffic on Monday morning going into work. “

    The cost of the work has also changed with the time. First announced at $ 2.8 million, it will double at best, according to the figures put forward by the MTQ in the last month.