The actor Peter Vaughan died

News 6 December, 2016

peter-vaughanThe British actor had played in “Avengers leather,” “Circle of Friends” and more recently “Game of thrones”. He was 93 years old.

Peter Vaughan, in 2011, in “Game of thrones”.
Fans of Game of thrones are grieving. British actor Peter Vaughan, who played the character of Mestre Aemon in the hit series , died Tuesday, December 6, at the age of 93, did learn from his agent. “He died peacefully, surrounded by his family ” , said Sally Long-Innes, in a statement, without specifying the cause of death.
Before playing in Game of thrones , Peter Vaughan, born April 4, 1923 in the West Midlands, has featured in several films of Terry Gilliam, as Bandits, Bandits and Brazil , as well as many English series and sitcoms, including Bowler and leather boots or Persuaders .
“I always apprehended everything I did as if it were the last. And it is on this that I will be judged ” , said one day Peter Vaughan.