The alleged leader of the Hells Angels in the crosshairs

News 25 January, 2018
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    Mario Brouillette

    Éric Thibault

    Thursday, 25 January 2018 01:00

    Thursday, 25 January 2018 01:00

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    The more young Quebecers to become a member of the Hells Angels in Quebec and is now seen as the true guiding spirit of the biker gang finds himself in the crosshairs of the forces of law and order.

    Mario Brouillette is suspected to be the head of a major network of drug trafficking which has been the target of raids of the Squad’s national crackdown on organized crime (ENRCO), yesterday, learned about The Newspaper, police sources said.

    This network is based on the North Shore, is “directly linked to influential members of the Hells Angels,” according to a statement released by the new brigade of investigators from the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), the royal Canadian mounted police, the Montreal police and Laval.

    Photo Agence QMI, Erik Peters

    The police in particular have conducted a search in the jewelry of the rue Notre-Dame, Repentigny, suspected of having served as a cache of money and drugs to a network of traffickers linked to the Hells Angels.

    A “boss” retired

    And even if he has vowed his retirement from the Hells after his last conviction in the margin of the operation SharQc, Brouillette is nevertheless seen as the one who currently gets the strings at the top of the organization.

    “He is the boss. It is very heavy even if it is not seen in the gatherings. He is a guy of very intelligent “, we recently said a police source on the biker of 45 years, which has regained its full freedom in the spring of 2016.

    Mario Brouillette does not, however, the subject of any criminal charge and its properties are not among those visited by the police yesterday.

    New generation

    Himself the son of a Hells Angels, Brouillette — who was seen as the “dauphin” of Maurice ” Mom ” Boucher when the Hells were on the ground of the operation Spring of 2001 — represents the new generation of bikers in quebec.

    Unlike the bikers from the 1970’s and 1980’s, as Denis “Not Reliable” Swell, it has never been depicted with such a nickname in the middle of shady.

    He has climbed the ranks faster than anyone else in the ranks of the Hells, having obtained his patches at the age of 23.

    At the same time for criminal activities, it is associated with legitimate businesses. The business man Marc Saulnier, with that Brouillette had a gym, was awarded contracts for the construction of a position of the SQ and to restore the national Assembly.

    The influential biker and brewed millions of dollars with the cocaine when he was arrested in 2006. Sent to the prison of Bordeaux, he found himself neighbor cell and the protector of Nicolo Rizzuto, the father of the godfather of the mafia.

    Like several Hells, Brouillette pleaded that he had left the bikers “on good terms” just before getting out of the penitentiary by 2015, but the parole Board of Canada was said to be ” skeptical “.

    Who is Mario Brouillette ?

    Photo courtesy

    Mario Brouillette, a member of the Hells Angels chapter in Trois-Rivières.

    • Born in the spring of 1972, he is the son of Aurèle Brouillette, a prospective Hells Angels Trois-Rivières, which was one of the founders of the chapter that the biker gang has opened in Cabarete, in the dominican Republic, in February 2009.
    • In 1990, at only 18 years old, he is a founding member of the Rowdy Crew of Lavaltrie, a late club-Hells Angels.
    • On December 5, 1995, he became at 23 the youngest member in good standing of the Hells in Quebec getting its patches from chapter Three-Rivers.
    • In October 1997, he was sentenced to six years imprisonment for having assisted the hit man Serge Quesnel to escape the police after the latter has murdered a peddler of the Rock Machine, Claude “Le Pic” Rivard, in the montreal neighborhood of Pointe-aux-Trembles, February 3, 1995.
    • In may 2006, it is considered one of the Hells Angels the most powerful of the province when the police stops him in the counter-drug operation Merge at the same time as the guy Yvan Cech, the ex-police officer from Sainte-Foy in Quebec Richard Sanschagrin, and the criminal defence lawyer Roger Bellemare. This network, of which the Hells were among the main customers were imported to Quebec more than 700 kg of cocaine from Colombia, hidden in aluminum ingots and shipped by boat. Brouillette, who was purchased for nearly $ 5 million, was convicted of conspiracy and gangsterism, and he was sentenced to 67 months in prison in January 2008.
    • In April 2013, it bails out of an additional three years of incarceration after being admitted guilty of conspiracy to murder in the wake of operation SharQc.
    • In February 2015, after having been transferred to a halfway house, he said to the parole Board of Canada that he has retired from the Hells Angels.

    The ENRCO has not made any arrests yesterday, but it has seized 180 000 $ in cash, a firearm, a silencer, three flak jackets, a hundred grams of cocaine, hashish and cannabis, computer hardware, and equipment used in drug trafficking.