The alleged perpetrator of the series of explosions at Austin committed suicide

News 21 March, 2018
  • AFP

    Wednesday, 21 march, 2018 06:19

    Wednesday, 21 march, 2018 06:19

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    WASHINGTON | A man suspected of being the author of the series of explosions in the recent Texas, particularly in the city of Austin, blew himself up Wednesday morning in his car at the time it was going to be arrested, has announced the police.

    “The suspect is dead,” said the chief of police of Austin, Brian Manley at a press conference. He said he was a white man, 24 years old, and that it is not yet known if he acted alone or with accomplices.

    According to the chief police officer, the man is suspected of being the author of five explosions at Austin, and in his region, which, since march 2, two dead and four injured.

    The police followed the car of the man up to a hotel outside of Austin. As she waited for the arrival of the teams, the tactics, the man was ready to leave and police were developed to stop it. The man then detonated a bomb inside his car and he was killed, according to Mr. Manley.

    The motivations of the suspect are unknown, he added.

    Video images as well as testimonies had led the police on his trail during the last 36 hours, explained Mr Manley.

    The chain of Austin, KEYE, an affiliate of CBS, has published photos sensible to represent a man, wearing a baseball cap and blue which could be a wig, in the process of filing the parcel on Sunday in a center of FedEx. These photos come from a video camera of security in the centre.

    One of the five explosions occurred Tuesday in the office of FedEx in Schertz, in the Austin area.