The Alouettes can only blame themselves, judge Andrew Wetenhall

Sport 13 September, 2017

Photo: Darryl Dyck, The canadian Press
Head coach Jacques Chapdelaine has been named to the autumn of last year.

For Andrew Wetenhall, the trials and tribulations of the Montreal Alouettes, are the responsibility of the players and coaches in place. The co-owner of the club believes that the team is better than it was last year and he said he was disappointed with his performance so far.


“[A sheet of] 3-8, this is not what we wanted, he said without ambage at the annual golf tournament of the team. We have a group together, a locker room without division. […] We have not been perfect in all our matches, but we are a much better organization than at the same date last year. “


“What we have not done, is to have a good performance as a team. In this league, the attack, defense, and special units need to offer a good performance for four quarters, every game. There is only a thin difference between victory and defeat. Either a penalty, a pass break, a coverage error : we do not offer a good performance for four quarters consistently in order to demonstrate what this team is capable of achieving. […] I think that this responsibility should be shared [between the players and coaches]. “


Wetenhall, moreover, has not offered the most trusted brand that is to the place of Kavis Read and Jacques Chapdelaine, the director-general and the head coach appointed last fall.


“I think I said here last year : we regularly evaluate our staff, at the very least each year. I think we can say today that no one within the organization is assured of his position. […] If we can help our staff or how we can improve by changing it, we’ll do it. “