The Alouettes were defeated 24-19 in front of the Red and Black

Sport 20 July, 2017

Photo: Sean Kilpatrick, The canadian Press
Darian Durant has successfully completed 35 of his 45 passes, racking up 452 yards in the air.

Ottawa — The Red and Black of Ottawa halted Montreal Alouettes on to a third test and a rod to the line 7 at the end of meeting, Wednesday, taking then shot to win its first gain this season, 24-19.


Shortly after, Greg Ellingson has greatly helped the cause of his own with a caught for 35 yards on the left flank. This was mainly to confirm the victory of Ottawa (1-3-1).


After having started the season with a draw, the Red and Black had lost by four, one and two points, in this order.


At the end of the third quarter, Darian Durant completed passes of 25, 15 and 14 yards, so consecutive, leading the group of Jacques Chapdelaine on the door of the goals.


The next play was a short pass lobed to Nik Lewis for a touchdown. Boris Bede missed the convert, but the Alouettes still have decreased the cushion of the Red and Black to 24-18.


In the beginning of the second quarter, Ellingson has picked up a touchdown of 80 yards of Trevor Harris. He spun alone on a good part of the ground, in the center. The advance of the local club, going on then to 14-3.


Harris finished with 29 assists on 41 for 376 yards. Ellingson has gained 149 yards in receptions, 6 caught.


Midway in the third quarter, Josh Stangby Red and Black shone in straggling for 36 yards, paving the way for a pass pay Harris to Brad Sinopoli.


During a successful 35 of his 45 passes, racking up 452 yards in the air. B. J. Cunningham and Ernest Jackson were both collected 101 yards in receptions.


Brett Maher has provided booted precision of 20, 38 and 18 yards for the Red and Black.


Bede recorded investment of 42 and 30 yards for the clan montrealers, the card is now 2-3-0.


Brandon Rutley has committed a escaped from the first quarter. This led to the second placement Maher, after that Diontae Spencer has screwed up a golden opportunity to seize a touchdown.


In the second game of the Larks in the game, Jerrell Gavins signed the first interception of Red and Black this year.


With about two minutes remaining in the first half, a plated percussion Taylor Reed lost the ball to Durant, who had just completed a pass of 36 yards to Cunningham. Ottawa has withdrawn an investment of 18 yards, taking the commands 17-3.


At the very end of the first half, the Birds have used up enough land to allow for a booted precision of 30 yards of Bede. It cut the lead to Red and Black to 17-6.


Lewis caught his 1000th pass in the CFL in the third quarter, becoming the fourth player in the canadian tour to reach the illustrious plateau.


The Alouettes will play their next game on 27 July, in Winnipeg. The Red and Black will be back in action on Monday evening in Toronto.