The American flushed a hamster down the toilet because of the rules airlines In the World : Vladim

News 10 February, 2018

In the United States of America passenger, using the services of airlines, Spirit Airlines, had to flush his pet down the toilet in order for the employees of the company allowed her to Board the aircraft.


American Belen Aldecoa living in Miami, shared with the General public with his story in which she had calmly deal with the hamster. According to Beven, hamster she took with him to provide moral support, because she is afraid to fly. However, airport officials said aboard with the animals it will not be allowed and advised the woman to use the restroom to get rid of it. Belen noticed that she was thinking about the release a hamster into the wild, however, in this case it would expect death by starvation or end in the jaws of predators, and why she decided to terminate the suffering of a small animal, dangling it in the toilet.

After this act the American cried for about ten minutes, and its future plans to sue Spirit Airlines, which prompted her to commit such an inhuman act.