The American took video of UFO when it was flying on the moon background

Techno 22 March, 2018

2018-03-22 13:11

The American took video of UFO when it was flying on the moon background
Flying object is disc-shaped.

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Professionals with the world’s largest UFO organization, MUFON” sent a mysterious videotape which depicted a dark disc-shaped object larger, which flies in the background of Earth’s natural satellite, according to Rus.Media.

The author of the video was a resident of the American city of Dearborn heights, Michigan. According to the man, he shot the camera a full Month when he suddenly noticed the black UFO that went through Selena’s towards the South. The witness is convinced that on the nearest celestial body is the base of the heavenly civilization, where, and flew it a mysterious space ship.

The record quickly Rosella on the English-language segment of the world wide web, gathering thousands of comments. Some netizens agreed with the author that we are talking about aliens. Others believe that the reason artificial orbital satellite, weather balloon or even a bird, flying on the background of the moon. There were those commentators who have decided that the Month on is the video fake, and skilled installation.

Professional ufologists, meticulously studied this material, do not rush to draw any firm conclusions, however, I believe that it is unlikely to be a hoax, moreover, that UFO near the moon and on the selenium removed permanently. So in this record there is nothing supernatural.